Our Distinctive Way of Working

We work with a range of experienced experts who are not part of Bridgesfm.  They enable us to meet the your specific requirements on any given project.

Here are just some examples of the range of expertise that we draw upon to deliver bespoke solutions for you:

Educationalist and instructional design expertise

Expertise in the development and delivery of educational interventions. This includes face to face, work-based experiential learning and reflective learning. Experience in ‘instructional design’ to develop high quality educational products, including e-learning products.

Service improvement and redesign expertise.

Lean Six Sigma expertise (often to ‘Blackbelt’ level) with extensive experience of reviewing services, analysing service related data to identify the root causes of service issues.

Communities of Practice

Expertise in communities of practice and making these work both on-line and off-line. By communities of practice we simply mean networks of people sharing a similar agenda, knowledge and experience in a specific topic area. This can be done through communities physically getting together or communicating on-line. Experience in developing the infrastructure for communities of practice to support learning and planning and other activities that benefit from people sharing ideas, thoughts and learning. Knowledge and skills to make communities of practice work effectively.