Company Ethos

Why choose Bridgesfm?

We pride ourselves our our work ethos and reputation …



What do we do

At Bridgesfm we are proud to provide timely, practical yet deeply technical help to support NHS organisations in implementing national and regional policy and mandates practically and successfully ‘on-the-ground’.

In particular, and in line with national trends, we provide resources and toolkits to support business and commercial planning and on-the-job learning and e-learning for Clinical Commissioing Groups (CCG)s, Commissioning Support Organisations (CSOs) and other organisations within the NHS.

We have access to a range of resources, already developed for the NHS, these are owned by the NHS and hosted by the Institute of Healthcare Managers.  We have permission to ensure that these are used as widely as possible within the NHS to maximise the investment of tax payers’ money made in thier development. These resources include guides and tools for good commissioning and business practice, as well as a range of learning modules with a work-based experiential learning approach. We also have a small range of e-learning modules.


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